The 'Improving Refugee Health in the South East Region' initiative

This program is designed to provide assistance and resources to general practices and primary health services in rural locations to increase capacity for people from refugee backgrounds.

Refugees and asylum seekers often have low health literacy and difficulty navigating the Australian health system. They come from a diversity of backgrounds and experiences and may have health issues specific to their country of origin or their migration and settlement experiences. People from refugee backgrounds have higher rates of long-term physical and psychological problems than other migrants due largely to their exposure to deprivation, persecution and human rights violations.

With the support of Country SA PHN, STTARS' Refugee Health Nurse/Advocates assist culturally and linguistically diverse communities and people from refugee backgrounds with unmet health needs to access appropriate and timely healthcare services through their primary healthcare provider. Our Nurse/Advocates also support their clients' ongoing engagement with the health system.


  • Be assessed by a Refugee Health Nurse to determine their health needs and to ensure targeted support
  • Work with the Refugee Health Nurse to develop a Support Plan with a clear aim to improve overall health and access to primary health services
  • Be accompanied by a Refugee Health Nurse when attending health appointments and/or other health appointments as deemed appropriate
  • Be supported to better understand diagnoses and/or treatments for disease

Please note that funding will be primarily directed towards individuals from a refugee background, with a specific focus on those who are most in need. There are no visa requirements for this program.

Hayley Radford, Project Officer, on
(08) 8206 8900 or email