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The STTARS counselling program provides services for individuals and families with a particular focus on high need groups including asylum seekers, women, children and young people.

Child and Youth Program
The STTARS Child and Youth Program works in schools and with families to support children and young people who are survivors of torture and trauma.

Mental Health Clinic
STTARS offers a weekly clinic enabling access to psychiatric services in a community setting.

Education and Training
As well as experience in working with the effects of torture and trauma on individuals, families and communities, STTARS has developed considerable expertise in delivering cross cultural mental health services. We provide training and professional advice and consultancy to schools, police, health and mental health professionals.

Community Reference Group
The STTARS Community Reference Group is made up of representatives from a variety of new arrival communities including Somali, Afghani, Iraqi, Bhutanese, Iranian, Liberian, Sudanese and Burmese. The group meets every 6 weeks and provides STTARS with feedback about issues or concerns arising in our clients' communities, and suggestions for improving our services.

Australian Refugees and New Arrivals Project (ARANAP)
ARANAP is a joint project run by STTARS and ARA for the Adelaide PHN.

The ARANAP Project aims to provide integrated support, improved access to primary health care services, improved provision of primary health care, health literacty and education support.

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