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Perla Soberon-Brittle is self-employed as a Certified Bookkeeper, and is a Fellow of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers.

Perla is also political scientist by training, and a survivor of the Argentine dark days of the "dirty war", (A name used by the Argentine Military Government for a period of State Terrorism). She is a firm believer in the UN Conventions on Human Rights, on the Status of Refugees and the Women Empowerment Principles (WEPs), and believes that to achieve change globally, one must work locally.

Perla has a life-long commitment to help women, of any background to reach their full potential, particularly those who have suffered persecution, humiliation, or torture. Working as an interpreter and translator at the Migration Museum, together with her personal values of liberty and justice in civil society and her ability to build relationships, she has been able to work towards fulfilling this commitment.

Perla is looking forward to contributing her experience working on various Boards and committees and her knowledge and experience in regard to governance, diversity and finance to STTARS, as the Treasurer.

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